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We are a young company and we only use the best quality paints, the latest technologies and experienced painters to give your home a new look. Beautify your home with the latest trends to create beautiful style for your entire interior, or give the outside of your home a new coat of paint to make it look like new. We're here to answer your questions, help you define your goals, and provide first class service.

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White Paint

Mold treatment


Spraying work


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Painting a New Wall

Interior renovation

House Painting

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Decorative work

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our prices

Price overview for interior painting work

The prices are calculated based on the floor area and apply

up to a room height of 3.00 m. All used

Materials are harmless to humans, animals and the environment.

The prices are based on the color RAL 9010 or NCS 0-500 (off-white).

* All covering work and

the normal cleaning and filling work.

Painting ceilings and walls (including all ancillary work *)

Rooms up to 10sqm floor space Fr. 469.-

Room with 10-15 sqm floor space Fr. 519.-

Rooms with 15-20 square meters of floor space Fr. 648.-

Room with 20-25 square meters of floor space Fr. 765.-

Room with 20-25 square meters of floor space Fr. 889.-

Bath or toilet Fr. 300.-

Kitchen Fr. 470.-

Walls remove wallpaper and re-wallpaper with woodchip (including all ancillary work *)

Rooms up to 10sqm floor space Fr. 855.-

Room with 10-15 sqm floor space Fr. 960.-

Rooms with 15-20 square meters of floor space Fr. 1170.-

Room with 20-25 square meters of floor space Fr. 1290.-

Rooms with 25-30 square meters of floor space Fr. 1530.-

Coating woodwork - one side (including all ancillary work *)

Window inside

Window with one sash Fr. 130.-

Window with two sashes Fr. 195.-

Window with 3 sashes Fr. 260.-

Curtain boards per piece CHF 65.-

Doors on both sides Fr. 105.-

Frame complete Fr. 95.-

Built-in wardrobe per 1qm Fr. 40.-

Lambris (wooden base) per 1 sqm Fr.13.50.-

Painting natural wood sills Fr. 65.-

Radiator - flat; spray or paint (including all ancillary work *)

Radiators up to 0.50sqm Fr. 70.-

Radiator 0.50- 1qm Fr. 95.-

Radiator 1sqm-2m Fr. 120.-

Additional work, which will be charged according to expenditure, are:

- Insulating coatings on surfaces with heavy nicotine smoke,

or water damage

- Fill and mend coarse damage and cracks

- Remove peeling paint

- Wash off old glue paint completely

- Art painting

- spraying work

- Mold removal

Decorative work

These prices vary depending on the application method

The average price is around 190Fr./sqm

Facade painting

Please arrange a viewing appointment with us

Customer ratings

Ms. Hailer and her team were always on time as agreed and did a clean and prompt job. I am very satisfied and can only recommend you widely!

C. Callido

We wanted something special in our living / dining room and were given professional (female) advice and given a lot of choices. We decided on a spatula technique and a concrete imitation with which we are still very satisfied today. It just looks awesome.

Thanks again!

R&G. Schulz

I had my facade painted by the Ladypaint company. I received competent and friendly advice, although I was not the easiest when it came to choosing a color. We are super satisfied and will continue to work with this company in the future.

S. Albrecht

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Sonnenhoftsrasse 13

8943 Dietikon

Tel.:+41 76 372 03 71

More about us

The Ladypaint painting business was founded in 2016 by Fabienne Josephine Hailer based in Zurich-Dietikon.

Fabienne J. Hailer is a trained painter with a federal certificate and, after completing her apprenticeship, completed further training as an art painter. She worked for several years as a client painter in renowned companies and was also involved in project management.

The customers appreciate the well-groomed and cultivated handling, as well as the great professional competence and the clean execution of the work.

With your team you stand for quality, cleanliness and efficiency.

Junge geschäftsfrau

Many Thanks!

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