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Painting a New Wall

Would you like to have a single room, apartment or entire house repainted? Or cover walls with great wallpaper?

Would you like to repair damage to wood or walls or have protective coatings renewed? Whether tiles, floors or metal, you can coat anything if you know how.

We offer you the full range of professionally executed painting work.


House Painting


Façade renovations are not only necessary to restore the appearance of the façade, they also help to maintain a building. Inadequate maintenance can result in high follow-up costs; in the worst case, complete renovation at an early stage is necessary.

With our many years of experience in the field of facade renovations, we offer you high-quality solutions for your construction project. From planning to implementation, we are your competent contact.

Rooms need design. Not only through tasteful furnishings, but also through decorative work on walls and ceilings.

You will be surprised how the ambience of a room changes when we have given it a new character through very simple measures.

Bare walls become a decorative eye-catcher, small offices or living rooms suddenly appear much larger.

To achieve the right effect, you need a lot of experience and the necessary instinct. With a love of detail and an eye for the artistic, we create new worlds.


Make new out of old - is our motto!

Do you have furniture that you just don't have the heart to dispose of? Or does your kitchen need a new spray coating? With today's spraying process, we create an even, smooth and beautiful structure. We specialize in working cleanly and efficiently and guarantee you top results.


Dekorative Arbeiten

Not only does mold look dangerous, it is dangerous too. So don't wait too long to have it professionally removed. We have the necessary know-how and specialist knowledge of how to properly treat the fungal attack so that you can breathe freely again.

Mold treatment

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